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I’m Shaunie and I specialise in Client Servicing and Project Management. Whether you’re looking for someone to cover maternity, you need support with agency overflow or you’re a new company who’s starting to grow, I can help you spin dozens of plates with my eyes closed.

What I do.

Account Handling.

Client Servicing.

Campaign Management.

Personal Assistance.

Where I have experience.





Influencer Management.

Integrated Campaigns.

TV Despatch.

Social Media.

Print and POS.

Event Planning.


I can be your

right-hand woman.

I’ve had lots of experience working directly under CEOs and for entrepreneurs, so I know when to keep you in the loop and when to crack on. I’m extremely resourceful. I won’t be beat, so if I can’t do something, I’ll find someone who can get it done. I'm well connected in the advertising world, and I work with a fierce network of freelancers who are experts in their field. My attention to detail is meticulous and I’m in my element in client presentations. Client’s can rely on me for guidance and strategic direction and to support their business objectives. Putting the client first, writing a killer brief and keeping everybody organised is what I do best.

“Super efficient, and organised as hell.”

Dan Brough, Founder @MTW Copy


Available for Freelance or Full-Time Roles.

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